HOPE Orthopedic Introduces VertaLux Mid-Profile

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HOPE Orthopedic announces its VertaLuxTM and VertaLux LiteTM Mid-Profile design, a new bracing solution for comfortable torso support and spinal motion restriction. The anterior panel is pre-drilled for attachment of the optional ExtenderTM. The VertaLux is a modular system allowing precision fitting; all styles are available with either a standard polyethylene back (VertaLux) or soft tri-polymer lamination back (VertaLux Lite). The VertaLux is available in LSO and TLSO, Standard-profile, Mid-profile (pictured), and Low-profile styles in seven unisex sizes for best-fit mix and match. Same-day order fulfillment until 8 PM

Eastern, three-day shipping for the price of ground, and a flat overnight shipping fee of $20.

For more information, contact:
HOPE Orthopedic

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