Freedom Launches Versa Clamp for Silhouette Foot

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The Versa ClampTM, new from Freedom Innovations, provides two fitting solutions when used in conjunction with the companys SilhouetteTM Prosthetic Foot. The extended 34mm tube clamp can be paired with pre-cut spacer rings to provide an easy fix for clinicians that have cut the pylon of the Silhouette too short.

Simply insert the 1/8-in., 1/4-in., or 3/8-in. rings, or any combination of the three, into the clamp to build back to the needed pylon height. The Versa Clamp also allows easy use of the Silhouette Prosthetic Foot with pin locking systems, which require pin extension past the pyramid adaptor. Available for purchase from Freedom Innovations or through SPS.

For more information, contact:
Freedom Innovations

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