HOPE Adds Mid-Profile Brace Versions

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HOPE Orthopedic, the orthotic value leader, has added a mid-profile version of its highly popular OrthoLuxTM brace and the new VertaLuxTM (shown) and SpinaLuxTM. These braces are now available with LSO, TLSO, and mid-profile height backs, and the fronts are available in low-profile,mid-profile, and xiphoid height.

The semi-rigid LSO, LSM (mid-profile), and TLSO braces are offered in seven sizes (SM through 4XL) with your choice of abdomen, lordosis, anterior extension, and over-the-shoulder straps.

HOPE provides same-day order fulfillment until 8 PM EST, three-day shipping for the price of ground, and a flat fee of $20 for overnight shipping of the HippO or OrthoLux.

HOPE Orthopedic Inc.


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