Becker Distributes SpineCor in the U.S.

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SpineCor® is a dynamic system that uses postural re-education to target four key progression factors of idiopathic scoliosis: neuro-musculoskeletal dysfunction, growth asymmetry, postural disorganization, and spinal deformation.

SpineCor advantages include the following:

  • Clinically proven 89 percent effective in a 400-patient, ten-year study.
  • Documented Cobb angle reductions maintained for five years after treatment.
  • Dedicated U.S. technical/clinical support staff.
  • Increased patient acceptance; better compliance.
  • Custom-made-to-measurement from Becker Central Fabrication.

L-1005; U.S. Patent No. 5,599,286

Becker Orthopedic 


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