Had Enough of Nylon Hose?

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Anyone who uses nylon hose for vacuum forming or laminations will love FeatherStretch nylon from Rx Textiles. This strong, lightweight material stretches way more than nylon hose. It has a sheer knit that creates an excellent finish on thermoplastics and laminated sockets, and it comes on a convenient 25-yd. roll. The regular size (2-in. wide, fits 26-in. circumference) should fit any below-knee application, and the wide size (3-in. wide, fits 56-in. circumference) stretches to fit the biggest above-knee applications.

Available through Cascade Orthopedic Supply, PEL, and SPS. Circle #181 on the reader response card, get more information about us on oandp.com, or visit AOPA booth 804 and receive a FREE sample.

Rx Textiles

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