SPS Has Keasy at New, Lower Price

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SPS now has the 6.5mm KeasyTM Soft Comfort Liner and 3mm Interface Liners available and in stock at a new, lower price.

The thermoformable cones have a closed-cell structure for effective hygiene and easy cleaning. The mono-bloc design eliminates the need for glue, thus eliminating hard spots and potential allergic reactions.

Product numbers, dimensions:

  • 1S400-160 6.5mm BK Soft Liner, 160mm dia., 400mm length
  • 1S400-180 6.5mm BK Soft Liner, 180mm, 505mm length
  • 1S400-210 6.5mm AK Soft Liner, 210mm, 500mm length
  • 1S401-170 3mm Interface Liner, 170mm, 420mm length


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