Ease OA Pain with Medi USA’s M.4 OA

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Medi USA's M.4® OA knee brace is designed to protect, stabilize, and ease the pain caused by unilateral osteoarthritis and all indications requiring pressure relief. The M.4 OA provides pressure relief of the medial or lateral joint compartment by a well-cushioned, three-point relief system that offloads the affected compartment into a varus/valgus position. The M.4 OA safeguards against hyperextension by limiting flexion and extension.

The ultra-flat, lightweight, and non-protruding Avional® aluminum frame and Physioglide® hinge are 30 percent more rigid and durable than other aluminum alloy technologies of the same weight. Available in six sizes in either varus or valgus versions. Medi USA has received favorable Medicare reimbursement for the M.4 OA.

Medi USA

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