South West AFOs Use Carbon-Fiber Tech

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To create lighter, slimmer, stronger ankle gauntlets, South West Orthopedic Designs (SWOD) uses the latest carbon-fiber technology. Carbon-fiber knit, plus our specialized lamination technique, allows us to fabricate an AFO/SCFO that fits more easily into shoes while still providing the needed support.

SWOD ankle gauntlets include the 7-in. Sundance, 9-in. Standard (articulated), and Extended/AFO-style brace (pictured). SWOD offers free shipping, five- to seven- day turnaround, and special perks for SWOD TEAM members.

With more than 40 years of experience and the latest fabrication advancements, SWOD is your source for AFO central fab.

South West Orthopedic Designs

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