Iceross TF Seal-In X5 in Stock!

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Ossur's Seal-InŽ X5 Liner, is now available for transtibial or transfemoral amputees at all SPS distribution centers.

Seal-In X5 Liners liberate lower-limb amputees who prefer a suction liner from the restriction of a sleeve while increasing freedom of movement and comfort, and simplifying maintenance.

Features and benefits:

  • Seal relieves pressure peaks by conforming better to the residual limb.
  • Increased surface contact with the socket wall ensures more effective rotation control, minimizing socket rotation.
  • Standard 3mm (TT and TF), Wave 3mm (TT), and Conical 3mm (TT and TF) profiles available.

Pictured, from left: TT Seal-In X5 Wave; TF Standard Profile Seal-In X5.


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