Best Wound Care: Geritrex’s Antiseptic and Adhesive Dressings

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Wound care centers trust Geritrex’s tincture of benzoin product line because it provides effective skin protection. Available as a liquid (Benzoin Compound Tincture U.S.P.), topical spray (Sprayzoin™) and unit dose pouch (Benz-Protect™), these antiseptic formulas help toughen skin and increase adhesion of bandages, without irritation. Surgeons, orthopedists, orthotists, and prosthetists use Geritrex’s benzoin product line and say that it helps shield skin during the healing process.

You may purchase Benzoin Compound Tincture U.S.P., Sprayzoin, and Benz-Protect through wholesalers, specialty distributors, or direct. Call today to order your free product sample!.


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