New Seattle Catalyst 9 Foot Available from PEL Supply

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The new Seattle Catalyst 9 Foot from Trulife is a multiaxial foot-ankle system that combines a carbon composite C design shank and split keel. It features heel-strike shock absorption, smooth rollover, controlled plantarflexion, split-keel stability, and a balanced transition from heel to toe. It offers increased axial torque absorption with up to 22 degrees of rotation at 14.7 ft./lb.

  • Product weight: 449g for size 25cm (#3 keel).
  • Minimum clearance: 18cm (7-1/8 in. from floor to top of pyramid dome).
  • Heel wedge height: in. (6.4mm), in. (9.5mm), in. (12.7mm).
  • Warranty: three years for hard components; six months for foot shell.
  • Maximum patient weight: 366 lb./166kg (medium activity).

PEL Supply Company

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