Echelon and KX06 Price Realignment at SPS

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Pursuant to notification by CMS of the HCPCS L-Code assignment for Endolite’s Echelon Foot, SPS’ list price for the Echelon Foot has been reduced by 33.3% in consideration of the HCPCS coding decision. Effective December 1, 2009, the Echelon Foot should no longer be billed under the L-5999 code, but billed under codes:

  • L-5981: All lower extremity prostheses, Flex-walk system or equal.
  • L-5968: Addition to lower limb prosthesis multiaxial ankle with swing phase active dorsiflexion feature.

Similarly, the price of the KX06 Polycentric Swing and Stance Knee has been reduced by 30% and is now recommended to be billed using codes L-5611, L-5930, L-5850, and L-5810.


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