Comfort Products Introduces Spectracarb-Aralon Stockinette

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The Spectracarb-Aralon™ Stockinette is just what the practitioner would order.

  • Easy workability, strength, wets out well, and fatigue resistant.
  • Lightweight, contours superbly, no delaminating.
  • People-friendly material: mitigates skin irritation.
  • Tubular goods facilitate ease of usage.
  • Available in 5-yard and 25-yard rolls.
  • Comes in 2-, 3-, 4-, 5-, 6-, and 8-in. widths.
  • Half the cost of carbon material.
  • Can be modified using a heat gun without delaminating.

The innovation leader in knitted orthotic and prosthetic products.

Comfort Products

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