PEL Supply Offers DuraLite and Fusion Feet

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PEL Supply offers a choice of either the Fusion™ Foot or the DuraLite™ Foot from WillowWood. Both deliver superior performance and responsiveness and off er a choice of three proximal adapters: pyramid receiver, rotating pyramid, or the new torsion receiver. Both have a field-adjustable trim height and heel stiff-ness, and each foot includes a full-height, high-activity foot shell.

  Additional features:
Fusion Foot:

  • Integrated design delivers vertical shock absorption,
    smooth heel-to-toe transition, and inversion/eversion.
  • Provides multiaxial movement.
DuraLite Foot:
  • Urethane toe pad enhances medial/lateral motion.
  • Split heel conforms to terrain for stability.

PEL Supply Company

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