NEW: PRO CUFF Prosthosis
Solve partial-hand, wrist-disarticulation, and impaired/weak/paralyzed hand challenges.

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The PRO CUFF forearm "prosthosis," equipped with high-performance BOAź tensioning technology, is fabricated from EXOS low-temperature laminate and is easily custom shaped. Slip it on the patient, shape it to the limb, apply tension, and it hardens permanently, until reheated. A stainless, disconnect terminal-device bracket system is easily mounted to the medial aspect of the PRO CUFF, allowing for proximal-distal terminal-device placement.

Cushioned foam inside for comfort; stealth-black exterior; fiveinches long; both right and left models.

Perfect for golf, kayaking, swimming, light weight conditioning, and more. Competitively priced!

TRS Inc.

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