Trautman Dual Bladder Vacuum Station by Fillauer LLC

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The Trautman Dual Bladder Vacuum Station allows for a variety of options in vacuum forming. The dual-bladder configuration enables better mold preservation during vacuum forming and improved surface quality of the molded product. The station can be used as either a dual-bladder or single-bladder vacuum station.

  1. Durable, powder-coated, aluminum frame.
  2. High-temperature, non-stick, clear silicone bladder.
  3. Dual bladder for use with Comfil® TFC and pre-preg materials.
  4. Quick-change outer bladder saves time and money.
  5. Exterior dimension: 24" x 24".
  6. Requires vacuum source (two connections for dual-bladder setup).

Fillauer LLC

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