Camber Axis Hinge from PEL, Available in Three Sizes

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PEL Supply offers the Camber Axis Hinge® from Becker Orthopedic, now available in three sizes. In addition to the existing medium and large sizes, the newest small size is for pediatric and other patients who weigh less than 90 pounds (40.5kg).

Features and benefits include:

  • Adjustable range-of-motion ankle joint.
  • Anatomical axis alignment for thermoplastic orthoses.
  • Seven color-coded range-of-motion keys.
  • Eliminates need for posterior stop mechanisms.
  • Permits solid ankle design changes to articulated motion with variable stop settings.
  • Three sizes—small, medium, and large.
  • Optional black, noncorrosive finish.

PEL Supply Company

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