September 15, 2015

ISPO Approves Qatar as a Member Society

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The International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics (ISPO) announced that its executive board approved the creation of a new national member society, ISPO Qatar. The activities of ISPO Qatar will be driven mainly by staff from the O&P department of Rumailah Hospital, Doha, which has a combined experience of more than 32 years and is the foremost comprehensive facility of its kind in Qatar.

Rumailah Hospital is a multispecialty wing of Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), which provides medical, surgical, and long-term care for the population of Qatar. To achieve HMC’s goals, the Rumailah Hospital O&P department will collaborate with ISPO by being an active member and developing an international standard of practice as advocated by ISPO.

According to the ISPO website, ISPO Qatar has a five-point strategy to improve the O&P field in the country: have all professional staff recognized with ISPO membership; associate with international members and become aware of the latest advances in the O&P field; arrange courses for upgrading the staff’s knowledge of present-day international practices; create a forum with other multidisciplinary teams on equal terms by exchanging ideas, knowledge, and experiences; and raise awareness of ISPO Qatar’s services and the profession.

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