BlueROCKER 2.0 Available January 1, 2016!

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You asked, we listened!

You love the benefits of ToeOFF 2.0: The choice of wraparound or D-ring straps with alligator tabs that are easily applied for right- or left-hand pull; shorter, low-profile wing design; preapplied MicroFIX to save fabrication time in applying the SoftKIT or ComfortKIT; easy peel-off product label with serial number to apply to the patientís chart; the height of the XL is ĺ" taller for patients with longer tibias; and a smoother and more scratch-resistant surface.
   Call to receive your free ToeOFF/BlueROCKER Original to 2.0 Conversion Chart and Flexible 2.0 ruler!

Allard USA

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