C-Fab: Amfit

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You need foot orthotic lab services. Amfit has served the medical community for over 25 years specializing in custom foot orthotics and orthotic technology. Let us show you what we can doŚcall for samples today.

  • Single pair pricing starts at $30
  • A5513-approved for diabetic patients, including toe filler and Charcot foot
  • 5 EVA options in hardness levels 25-65 durometer (Shore A)
  • Carbon fiber in rigid and rigid-flex
  • Solid block milled polypro in flex, semi-flex, and rigid
  • Service options include rough-milled, sanded, finished, 3/4-length, or full-length
  • Send foam boxes or digital scans from Amfit Digitizer and Impress Scanner
  • Equipment Programs include FreeScan, rental, and lease purchase

We want to positively impact your business and patient services.
Call or e-mail us at today.


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