C-Fab: Atlantic Rim

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Since 1999 we have used CAD/CAM technologies in TLSO C-Fab. In September 2014, we introduced the iSense and Sense scanners to the O&P industry as an economical solution for TLSO 3D scanning and transferring .stl files for C-Fab. Starting in 2004, we offered our Vmx CAD/CAM Foam™ in standard and custom-size blanks in four densities for O&P in-house CAD/CAM fabrication. As an experienced TLSO CAD/CAM C-Fab, we are committed to O&P and are an established supplier of CAD/CAM foam blanks. Our customers love our fabricated TLSOs, Vmx CAD/CAM Foam, and friendly customer service, and they consistently depend on us.

Atlantic Rim

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