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Founded in 2005, Advanced O&P Solutions was created to serve the O&P industry on a national level. In the years since we opened, we have developed a reputation for providing our clients with the products they can rely on to WOW! their patients. To further expand our WOW! service, we have created the Digital Manufacturing Lab (DML) to provide the most innovative solutions available. The DML has the capabilities to meet all of your engineering and design expectations. We can accept most file formats


Our full suite of engineering services include:

  • Staff engineer and CPO with over 17 years of experience in the field
  • 3 CAD O&P technicians
  • White light and infrared 3D scanning
  • Provel contact digitizers
  • Autodesk/Delcam Tribrid modeling CAD suite (solid, surface, and mesh modeling)
  • Professional 3D slicing software
  • Delta 3D printer (15" height and 9" circumference print volume)
  • 7-axis Kuka Robot CNC cell
  • Library of custom shapes and templates
  • Custom-to-client macros and templates
  • Quantitative reporting of 3D volume and socket design parameters for insurance justification and outcomes

Our customers trust that we will give them and their patients only the best custom orthotic and prosthetic solutions, as well as exceptional service. Call, visit our website, or e-mail us at to experience our WOW! service.

Advanced O&P Solutions

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