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This cast tipped the scale at 118 lb. We wonít tell you how much the patient weighed!

For super-sized patients and patients who have extreme deformities and mobility challenges, Townsend is the O&P industryís only one-stop shop for complex lower-limb bracing. No other manufacturer welcomes these difficult cases. Our comprehensive range of bracing options includes premium quality ligament and OA knee braces and our niche products—specialty KOs, AFOs, and KAFOs. For your convenience, we now stock Becker Orthopedicís most popular knee and ankle joints.

Townsend also has the in-house clinical and technical expertise to handle your most challenging central fab needs. We have two CPOs on staff, all of our custom fabrication managers have worked at Townsend for more than 20 years, and many of our fabrication technicians have at least a decade of tenure. So you can count on our team to help you optimize each patientís mobility, function, and quality of life.

We recently introduced new KAFOs, thermoplastic braces, and hybrid orthoses—and we have doubled our workspace to accommodate increasing demand. To learn more, speak with your Townsend representative, or call 800.840.2722 to request copies of our bracing catalogs.

Townsend Design

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