December 1, 2016

Study Participants Sought: O&P Clinics Offering Rehab

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A study is being conducted at the University of Pittsburgh to understand trends among O&P practices that offer rehabilitation services that include, but are not limited to, physical or occupational therapy, work-out programs, recreational outings, and special interest classes. Nonprofit organizations, hospitals or large medical networks, and offices that offer rehabilitation at a different location are not eligible to participate.

The research team will conduct preliminary and secondary telephone interviews with the business managers of the participating O&P companies. The confidential interviews are expected to take about one hour each and will be recorded. Questions will address logistics, communication, coordination, governance and leadership, employee training, accountability, integration, continuity, internal assistance, cooperation, and financial departments. Identifying information will not be recorded with the interviews, and anonymous identifiers will be used for data processing. The study is expected to conclude in May 2017.

For additional information or to participate, contact Julie Lajoie at 703.439.0276 or at

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