December 29, 2016

UNB Bionics Expert Wins Research Award

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Photograph courtesy of UNB.

Jon Sensinger, PhD, PEng, associate director of the University of New Brunswick’s (UNB’s) Institute of Biomedical Engineering, Fredericton, Canada, was recently named 2016 Young Health Researcher of the Year by the New Brunswick Health Research Foundation (NBHRF). The foundation highlights top researchers in the province throughout the year by selecting them as Researcher of the Month. Those honorees are then considered for Researcher of the Year, presented at the annual New Brunswick Health Research Conference.

Sensinger’s research focuses on finding ways to develop thought-controlled bionic limbs. He is currently developing technology that provides audio feedback with each joint movement; recent studies suggest that it is improving prosthetic performance.

His research also includes the field of exoskeletons. Sensinger came to UNB more than four years ago from the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, where he was director of the Prosthesis Design and Control Laboratory.

“To have my work recognized by the peer review committee amongst this collection of outstanding health researchers is an honor,” he said.

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