May 3, 2017

Enable Community Foundation Rebrands as LimbForge

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Enable Community Foundation (ECF), a nonprofit offshoot of e-NABLE, has rebranded and is now doing business as LimbForge™. LimbForge works on three major activities: the design of culturally appropriate, affordable, quality 3D-printable prostheses for people in low income countries; the development and deployment of accessible tools, support, and training to configure, fabricate, and deliver low-cost prosthetic rehabilitation; and training and capacity building of partners, including international nongovernmental organizations and community-based clinicians, to sustainably manufacture, fit, and maintain customized 3D-printed prosthetic devices as part of rehabilitation services for underserved populations.

LimbForge stated it is using evidence-based research, and cross-disciplinary, international collaboration with prosthetists and other experts and is committed to the open-source development and deployment of its 3D technology system for configuring and manufacturing 3D-printed prostheses.

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