New Options Sports Introduces the Cooper II Ankle Support

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New Options Sports introduces the Cooper II Ankle Support, invented by Ron Cooper, MS, ATC. This support features two simple stirrups which originate from the user's forefoot. Its unique features will provide prevention for chronic sprains and management of acute sprains.


" Lateral ankle sprains
" Medial ligament sprains
" Forefoot musculature and associated aches
" Achilles tendonitis  

Features Include:

" 1/16" Perforated 2-sided Neoprene
" Non-stretch medial a nd lateral adjustable VelcroŽ straps
" Fits right or left foot
" Allows for full dorsal and plantar flexion

Sizes from XS2XL, according to shoe size. US Patent No. 50506210. Suggested HCFA Code: L1906.

For more information, contact:

New Options Sports
6718 Oakbrook Boulevard, Dallas, TX 75235
800.872.5488 " fax: 800.455.5488

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