Do the Twist, Slide, or Shuffle with OWW Foundation Expansion

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Ohio Willow Wood has expanded its Foundation and Magnum product lines with nine new components. Whether you need to twist it, turn it, slide it, angle, or offset it, Ohio Willow Wood has the durable, reliable, and affordable solution!

The slide devices are very low-profile, lightweight, and can be used in the definitive prosthesis.

Aluminum Rotating Slide Adapter (FND-134150)
Magnum Titanium Slide Adapter (MHD-224125)
Magnum Titanium Rotating Slide Adapter (MHD-224150
Angle Offset Plate (FND-135105)
Titanium 20mm Offset Pyramid Adapter (FND-224120)
Stainless Steel AK Rotatable 3-Prong Base (FND-268002
Titanium Threaded Rotatable Pyramid Insert (FND-268003
Titanium Threaded Rotatable Pyramid Receiver Insert (FND-268004)
3/8" Spacer Plate (700-375)

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