PEL Supply Offers Cosmic Spinal System

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The Cosmic" (Circumferential, Overlapping, Stabilizing, Modular, Interlocking, Control) Spinal System, by Orthomerica, is now available from PEL Supply Company. This adjustable, interchangeable system offers complete spinal care in one orthosis.

Features include:

  • Overlapping, interlocking shells for uniform coverage and control.
  • Compound closure system for maximum abdominal compression.
  • Modular, low-profile components and thoracic extensions enhance and increase rotational control.
  • Breathable foam liner for increased comfort.

The Cosmic System is suitable for patients with lower back pain, as a post-operative orthosis, or for patients requiring stability secondary to metastatic disease of the spine. It can also be used to determine if spinal fusion will decrease pain.

For more information, contact:

PEL Supply Company

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