Universal “Gunslinger” Auxiliary Belt—Knit-Rite Shoots From the Hip!

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A new version of the PowerBelt Auxiliary Suspension Belt" is now available from Knit-Rite Inc., PowerBelt line distributor. This universal design includes two openings, allowing for left or right applications. The "Gunslinger" provides a more oblique option for wearers who prefer that style. The high-denier Lycra spandex PowerBelt material "squeezes" the prosthesis to the body, stabilizing the socket on the residual limb. Knit-Rite has received consistent feedback that even amputees who've not previously worn belts enjoy improved body integration and control with their prostheses. PowerBelts are thin, durable, and comfortable.

For more information, contact:
Knit-Rite, Inc.

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