Ossur Unveils ‘Sleeveless’ Suspension Liner

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Ossur has unveiled its Iceross Seal-In Liner. Featuring a Hypobaric Sealing Membrane (HSM"), a device bonded to the wall of the liner which conforms to the shape of the internal socket wall, the liner is ideal for lower-limb amputees seeking comfort and secure suspension.

When the Iceross Seal-In Liner is donned and the socket stepped into, air expels through a distal valve creating hypobaric suction. Ossur's proprietary stabilizing matrix supports the HSM during donning and minimizes pistoning when suspension is required. A release button allows for easy removal of the prosthesis.

The Iceross Seal-In Liner comes in two duromoters and offers the advantages of freeing knee motion and increased comfort.

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