Spinal Solutions Launches “VertiLok”

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Spinal Solutions introduces the first, rigid spinal support system designed to maximize patient compliance while allowing the practitioner the flexibility to provide an intimate fit.

The VertiLok features a two-stage closure procedure that allows the patient to don the orthosis without assistance. By securing the built in corset first, which is attached to the posterior panel, immediate abdominal compression is achieved, and the patient is able to secure the anterior panel without assistance. In the later stages of recovery, the patient can be weaned off the rigid anterior panel.

The VertiLok is made of a lightweight, breathable, and washable material. The orthotic device is MRI compatible. Removable anterior/ posterior (lined with 3/16" aliplast), and lateral panel inserts come in a wide variety of configurations that are heat moldable. The three-point closure system produces uniform, abdominal compression with just two straps, which attach to the anterior panel and have large D rings for better grasping.

The LSO version is easily converted to a TLSO by adding the optional Posterior Thoracic Extension (PTE) and the Sternal Pad Kit (SPK). Dorsal Strap Kit (DSK), Hip Spika Attachment (HSA), and Inflatable Lumbar Chamber (ILC) are also available.

For more information, contact:

Spinal Solutions Inc.

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