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PEL Supply now stocks all Ohio Willow Wood ImpulseTM Ankles, including two new versions: one with an aluminum base for amputees weighing up to 270 pounds/122 kg; and one with a titanium base, for amputees weighing up to 350 pounds/160 kg (300 pounds/136 kg for CMH Level 4).

The new Impulse Ankles unique material combination lends to enhanced performance - particularly for more active amputees. The titanium pyramid makes the Impulse strong and durable, while an aluminum base makes it light and easy to move with. A rubber molding process provides a smoother more cushioned stop.

The Impulse Ankle functions very well with the energy-storing Impulse Foot, also available from PEL Supply for immediate shipment.

For more information, contact:

PEL Supply

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