SPS Navigates the Rough Spots with Axia

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SPS announces the availability of the Flex-Foot AxiaTM prosthetic foot with guided roll-overSM.

Designed to provide unparalleled ground compliance, the Axia's guided roll-over provides proportional energy response and exceptional stability. For amputees who engage in low to moderate levels activity, the advanced technology and functional refinements built into Axia offer the ability to navigate lifes little rough spots with safety and confidence.

Features of Axia include:

  • Split heel for excellent heel deflection and ground compliance
  • Geometrically designed tarsal core for progressive stiffening, shock absorption, and 11.5 multi-axial range of rotation
  • Adjustable heel stiffness
  • Tapered upper and lower carbon plates allowing proportional response
  • Functional dual density sole to enhance guided roll-over
  • Cosmetically appealing foot cover with sandal toe, available in beige and brown

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