Eliminate Pelvic Band Migration with the Hip Tracker

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Pelvic migration is the number one complaint from patients who wear a hip orthosis. When the patient sits, the pelvic band migrates up into their chest. Why? Standard, fixed axis hip joints do not mimic the natural movements of the body.

The Hip Tracker Tricentric Hip Joint is the only joint on the market that allows the pelvic band to track the pelvis through flexion as the patient sits. Precisely proportionate gears are used to create the world's only polycentric hip joint that mimics the proximal end of the femur as it articulates with the hip bone.

No longer do your patients have to live with the discomfort of a migrating pelvic bnad. The Hip Tracker eliminates all the discomfort associated with a migrating pelvic band. Call today to find out more about this revolutionary breakthrough!

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Spinal Solution Inc.

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