New Options Sports Offers Double Pre-flexed Suspension Sleeve for the Active Amputee

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SFC® Dana Bowman was a Special Forces Soldier for the U.S. Army elite parachute team, The Golden Knights. In 1994 a mid-air collision cost him both legs. His motto is "It's not the disability, it's the ability"TM. With this mindset he has accomplished many outstanding feats from commercial aviation degree to commercial helicopter, seaplane, multi-engine, and hot air balloon pilot. Dana designed a Double Pre-flexedTM Suspension Sleeve for the active amputee that he wears every day and when he parachutes. Features of the Double Pre-flexed Suspension Sleeve include:

  • Double Pre-flex cut
  • Non-slip strip
  • Latex free
  • Airtight with optional Knee Pad

Royalties are paid to the Bowman Siciliano Limb Bank Foundation.

For more information, contact:

New Options Sports

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