Hosmer Oscillator Knee—More than Meets the Eye

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The Hosmer Oscillator Knee is a 5-Bar Glide-Flex polycentric knee with a rotary hydraulic control system. It has an independent flexion and extension adjustment and an adjustable stance flexion stability. The high-strength aluminum alloy on the Oscillator Knee is rated for 300 lb. with a one-year warranty. Its more than meets the eyethe Oscillator Knee from Hosmer.

  • 5-Bar Glide-Flex Polycentric Knee
  • Rotary Hydraulic Control System
  • Independent Flexion and Extension Adjustment
  • Adjustable Stance Flexion Stability
  • High-Strength Aluminum Alloy
  • Rated for 300 lb.

For more information, contact:
A Fillauer Company

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