HOPE Orthopedic VertaLux Spinal Orthosis

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Introducing VertaLuxTM and VertaLux Lite,TM a new bracing solution for comfortable torso support and spinal motion restriction, featuring a fabric front with a pocket containing a semi-rigid molded Kydex insert and a rigid posterior. The anterior panel is pre-drilled for attachment of the optional ExtenderTM. Each piece is separately attached by hook and loop panels, ensuring an impeccable fit.

Available with LSO, TLSO, and mid-profile LSO backs; and standard-profile, mid-profile, and low-profile fronts in seven mix-and-match unisex sizes. All styles come with either a standard polyethylene back (VertaLux) or a soft, tri-polymer lamination back (VertaLux Lite).

Hope Orthopedic Inc

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