Here’s the Green

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Synthetic tape at plaster prices! Tired of getting plastered by casting tape prices? Our new synthetic casting tape provides greater strength and comfort due to its enhanced stretchability. Our tackless resin formula allows for easy handling. It comes in an easy-to-use “easy-open” pouch. The green color will also tell you that it’s an environmentally friendly, disposable product. Unbelievable quality at an unbelievable price. Let our green tape save you more “green.” Check out our catalog for our new introductory price.

  • 4 in. wide x 12 ft. long (OR-0513-4)
  • 3 in. wide x 12 ft. long (OR-0513-3)
  • 2 in. wide x 12 ft. long (OR-0513-2)

The Ortho Remedy

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