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College Park Soleus®
The waterproof Soleus is saltwater tested for two million cycles and has an antimicrobial and UV inhibited foot shell. The progressive Soleus foot performs flawlessly at the pool, lake, ocean, or outback.

College Park - AXIS® Shoulder Joint
Unlike any shoulder on the market, the redesigned AXIS shoulder joint by College Park provides a natural range of motion and ease of use for the patient’s daily life. It’s lockable every 10 degrees.

College Park New Website
Discover, build, and order. The all-new College-Park.com is here.

College Park Horizon® LT
Made with aircraft grade aluminum alloy, the new Horizon LT is the lightest carbon fiber foot on the market. Aluminum is 66% lighter than stainless steel, resulting in both a light-weight and economical foot.

College Park New Website
Discover, build, and order. The all-new College-Park.com is arriving this fall. Preview it at the College Park booth at AOPA 2016.

College Park Genesee
College Park’s Genesee Gel Sleeve is suitable as the primary suspension method, or for use with a suction or vacuum suspension. With a 3mm dimension, the sleeve provides comfort and knee flexion.

College Park Soleus®
Watch Reggie Showers and his Soleus feet take on the Serengeti on the new National Geographic Channel series Mygrations!

College Park Soleus®
The first to incorporate Integrated Spring Technology (IST), the Soleus provides natural movement with a three-staged response and superior range of motion, plus 10mm of vertical compliance for unbeatable comfort.

College Park Odyssey® K3
The next step in the hydraulic revolution: Introducing the College Park Odyssey K3. The carbon fiber composite foot base combined with the hydraulic ankle provides a balanced, dynamic response for low to moderate activities.

All heroes need sidekicks. Introducing Sidekicks, the world’s first anatomical stubbie feet. The feet mimic anatomical rotation, which allows for movement to occur naturally.

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