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Comfort Products - Pediatric AFO Socks
AFO socks specially made for children are soft, cool, and cushioned. Comfortable AFO liner socks have special fun designs that boys and girls will enjoy wearing.

Comfort Products - Underliner
The Underliner is designed to be worn between the liner and the residual limb. It wicks moisture to keep the limb drier and reduce skin shearing issues and is made with X-static silver to reduce odors.

The new Guardian Prosthetic Sock is the best-priced sock on the market. The new and improved X-Silver BK Shrinker has a redesigned gel band that won’t separate from the shrinker.

What’s in your lab? SpectraCarb stockinette, MasterCraft PVA bags, and Multi-Size stockinette are made by Comfort Products—the innovation leader in knitted orthotic and prosthetic products.

Distributor of the Bauerfeind JT20 Polycentric Knee Joint

Why is Comfort Products’ Comfort Ag prosthetic sock “The Sock with The Silver Lining”? Click here to find out!

Comfort Products introduces The Angel, a feature-rich sock that sets the standard for hybrid composite protection using the newest technology and proprietary materials.

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