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Coyote Design and Mfg
A great alternative to itchy, expensive carbon fiber braid! Coyote Composite, made from basalt filament is a safe, tough material for composite sockets and AFOs. Also easy to cut and finish compared to other materials.

Coyote Design and Mfg
The heavy-duty Air-Lock includes our solid brass pin. It has a 350-lb. weight limit for any activity level. The Proximal Lock is a zero-clearance lock that controls rotation. Both are durable and water-resistant.

The Air-Lock suction allows for less traction on the limb for increased comfort and decreased liner wear. The Easy-Off Lock has easy donning and doffing with lever release. The Proximal Lock is a zero clearance lock.

Two great products: The Easy-Off Lock, designed to combine the comfort of suction or elevated vacuum suspension systems with the security of a positive locking pin system, and great deals on Coyote Composite.

Wrap yourself in Coyote Composite for the New Year. The Coyote Air-Lock is designed to combine the comfort of a suction suspension system with the security of a positive locking pin system.

Our lab is concerned with safety and the bottom line. On top of basic safety measures like eyewear, we’re also using Coyote Composite to avoid the itch, irritation, and inhalant risk of carbon braid.

Easy-Off Lock grips when you need it, releases easily when you don’t. Our newest vacuum-compatible lock combines a pin with suction and can be used with an elevated vacuum system.

Will you be in Leipzig for OTWorld? We will, and we can’t wait to show off the innovative new products we’ve been working on! Be the first to get a sneak peek at our Dynamic Composite Strut AFO.

Made from a natural material, Coyote Composite’s proprietary braid is specifically designed for prosthetic and orthotic use. Create a tough comfortable socket without the itchy irritation and potential inhalant risk of carbon!

The Coyote Air-Lock is a dual suspension airtight locking system has just gotten even better. Call us to find out how an airtight socket reduces milking and pistoning, while benefitting your patients and your bottom-line.

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