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Curbell Plastics - Your One Source
Curbell O&P offers a full line of high-quality plastic sheet, transfer patterns, carbon braid, and fabrication materials for O&P professionals. Consistent, reliable materials you can trust.

Curbell Plastics OP-TEK® Flex BiLam
OP-TEK® Flex BiLam provides added comfort and improves aesthetics for patients wearing carbon socket frames. The inner layer contains a hypoallergenic, FDA-compliant additive that reduces friction.

Curbell Plastics Carbon Braid
Carbon braid: A great option for fabricators who need to decrease socket weight without losing strength. Our carbon braid is made with a continuous, high strength filament with superior saturation characteristics.

Curbell Plastics Transfer Patterns
Personalizing a device can create greater acceptance and a happier, more satisfied patient. Curbell’s heavy transfer papers perform well on larger thermoplastic sheets. Make someone well. And happy.

Curbell Plastics OP-TEK® Flex Comfort
OP-TEK® Flex Comfort provides a smooth touch, less friction against the skin, and additional impact absorption. This new product features a proprietary additive that gives the material a softer feel, and more.

Curbell Plastics, Inc.
If 5/8-in. PETG is just not enough, we’ve got 3/4-in.-thick PETG. Need transfer paper, plastic sheet, or fabrication supplies? Orders are custom cut and typically ship within 48 hours.

Curbell Plastics, Inc.
We have tools of the trade: Pneumatic cast saw rebuilding, cast saw blades, round blades (2- and 2.5-in. diameter), segmented blades (2.5-in. diameter), liners for oven trays, plaster traps, and plaster trap liner bags.

Curbell Plastics, Inc. (American Plastics, O&P Enterprises, Inc. - divisions of Curbell Plastics)
Can’t find copoly in color? We have it!

Curbell Plastics, Inc.
OP-TEK® Flex Comfort provides a softer touch and slicker surface, making it an ideal material for flexible liners. This new product features a proprietary additive to give the material a softer feel for increased patient comfort

Curbell Plastics, Inc.
Get noticed with color copoly inserts! Other pedorthic materials we offer: soling materials, P-Cell foam, and Sureform Plates.

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