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Realastic’s new and improved SensiTouch is ideal for diabetic patients and sensitive scar tissue.

The new and improved SensiTouch partial foot insert for sensitive tissue.

Realastic introduces a new and improved look for custom partial silicone fingers!

Try Silicone Custom Partial Feet from Realastic® Prosthetics & Restoration, and experience high definition at a fraction of the cost.

Realastic Prosthetics: Custom anatomical restorations with fine detailing and natural appearance.

Realastic Prosthetics, a division of health Related products, invites you to try its anatomical restorations.

Realastic 100% Silicone prostheses and protective coverings at Value Added Prices. Call today for pricing and skin tone swatches.

Health Related Products challenges you: Is this hand real or Realastic? High-definition silicone products at low-tech prices.

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