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Knit-Rite Original Soft-Sock
The original Soft-Sock Prosthetic Sock has a new knit-in “eye hole” reinforced distal hole option with no added thickness (patent pending) and patented hemispherically knit three-dimensional distal shape.

Since 1923 we have worked with practitioners to advance textile solutions that promote mobility, protection, and comfort. We are proud to serve orthotists and prosthetists with the widest array of O&P textile products

The new 4-Way Stretch Shrinker with rounded toe features stretchy polyester/Lycra core-spun yarns to provide multidirectional stretch for a shrinker that is softer, more comfortable to wear, and easier to don.

New products are available from Knit-Rite. Since 1923, Knit-Rite has been a leading innovator through our dedication to product research and development and our commitment to the highest quality products.

The Knit-Rite team, including four generations of practitioners, has supported the O&P profession through the decades with textile solutions that promote mobility, protection, and comfort.

Since 1923, Knit-Rite has been a leading innovator in the O&P industry. Improve your patients’ lives with the protection and comfort of Knit-Rite textile products: 90 years of innovation.

Knit-Rite Inc.
Compressogrip BK and AK shrinkers are researched and developed by Knit-Rite, quality tested, and have consistent compression. Tested and widely accepted for more than 30 years.

The new Hugger Top Soft-Sock features a patented three-dimensional distal shape and a more tailored fit.

“Finally, compression I can wear!” Core-Spun Support Socks look and feel like a soft, comfortable, everyday sock and offer the added benefit of true gradient compression.

The Torso Interface®, a protective body interface that may be used with all types of spinal orthoses, is slightly heavier than a T-shirt and offers more cushioning, moisture wicking, and anti-microbial properties.

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