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Knite-Rite ap12
Solutions that fit. For more than 85 years, Knit-Rite has been a leading innovator in the O&P industry. Improve your patientsí lives with the protection and comfort of Knit-Rite prosthetic and orthotic textile products.

Offering the seam-free SmartKnit AFO and KAFO socks and the SmartKnit Big Toe sock with separated great toes to accommodate the AFO toe strap.

Core-Spun Support Socks offer ultra-stretchy yarns that make them easier to put on and added thickness for comfort, with the added benefit of true gradient compression.

Knit-Rite Incorporated
Knit-Rite Liner-Liner Prosthetic Sock with X-Static: designed to be worn under a suspension liner next to the skin for skin protection.

Knit-Rite Inc.
Solutions that fit!

Knit-Rite Inc.
AFO & KAFO socks, solutions that fit. NEW AFO infant small size available.

Knit-Rite Inc.
Core-spun support socks, solutions that fit.

Power Belt-Solutions That Fit

Knit-Rite Inc.
AFO & KAFO Socks

Knit-Rite Inc.
Performance Socks & Sheaths: A/K Brim Sheath

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