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The OPIE Choice Network is uniquely positioned to bring its members the ability to remain independent while leveraging the power of a dramatically larger pool of like-minded businesses.

OPIE Workflow changes O&P practices: Front office->Clinical->Fabrication->Purchasing->Billing->Management. Following the OPIE Workflow provides a defined plan for the way you work.

OPIE Software is proud to partner with Quality Outcomes to measure O&P patient satisfaction in a new, integrated manner that leads to an easy-to-use, improved data collection system.

OPIE workflow changes O&P practices. Following the OPIE Workflow provides a defined plan for the way you work—from collecting patient data, to defining L-codes for a patient, to billing a claim electronically.

From scheduling to clinical, through fabrication into purchasing, and through the billing process, the logical OPIE workflow standardizes operations to support accreditation and compliance.

OPIE is on your phone: review patient history, take pictures, capture documents, enter notes, record dictations and much more! Data and images are beamed instantly back to your OPIE system.

OPIE Software/oandp.com
OPIE update adds to the fire! Take a look at the OPIE improvements including more specific cost tracking, OPIE messaging system, OPIE Mobile improvements and more.

Boot Camp is heading west to San Francisco, May 2-4, 2012. You’ll learn how to implement OPIE Software, optimize staff roles, simplify facility accreditation, and meet CMS’ documentation requirements.

Friends don’t let friends use paper. Let OPIE show you how to create a paperless office.

Opie Software fills your Christmas wish list, offering improved compliance, a paperless office, and money savings.

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