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The Ortho Remedy
A cover shouldn’t take you more than eight minutes. Try the Endofoam finishing system.

The OrthoRemedy
The all-new, award-winning, injection molded thermoplastic, polyester elastomer prosthetic foot, the Rhythm Foot, is now available from The OrthoRemedy. It’s cost effective, and the same keel fits 23-28 cm left or right patients.

The Ortho Remedy
Now offering a complete EndoFoam set for $633.

The Ortho Remedy
The Flexible 3 Ear Connector is the only flexible three-prong attachment fixture you can easily bend with your hands and comes in two sizes. $105 at The Ortho Remedy.

The Ortho Remedy apr12
Endloflex, get over it!

The Ortho Remedy
Why aren’t you using TefloGlass™? Everyone else is! TefloGlass is the ultimate oven lining made of Teflon impregnated fiberglass that will insure the best uniform heating for any thermoplastic material.

The Ortho Remedy
One stop shop for all your P&O needs with the lowest prices anywhere.

The Ortho Remedy
orthoremedy.com Merry Christmas.

The Ortho Remedy
Orthoremedy.com, a Thanksgiving message.

Sure Stick: The 1st clear contact adhesive that will permanently bond almost anything to anything...

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