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Choose a liner that works with your patient rather than against them. Designed from the inside out, Skeo liners feature a textured inner surface for enhanced feel and connection.

Brad’s a lot of things—amputee, prosthetist, and colleague. But he doesn’t stop there.

Brad’s a hard-working husband and a loving family man. He’s also an active amputee—and a dedicated prosthetist who works hard to get the best solutions for his patients.

Harmony volume management solutions: More surface area under vacuum means enhanced suspension and control, and better volume management means all-day comfort and security. More options. Better outcomes.

Need better security?

Need more suspension?

One of the first to be fit with the C-Leg, Dr. Matt Bradley fought from an early age to gain greater mobility. And now as an orthopedic surgeon he continues that fight—for his patients. Join us in applauding Matt as a C-Leg hero.

Larry Word, CP, is a prosthetist who works with a prosthetist. Brad Kennedy, CP, is an amputee who works with amputees. They have a unique perspective on the finding the best solutions for their patients. Just like you.

The C-Leg and Lacy Henderson. A standing ovation! Join us in celebrating 15 years of the most studied prosthetic leg in the world.

Online training with Ottobock - we offer 24 online courses designed for busy practitioners like you.

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