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Custom Molded AFO's - Additional L-Code Possibilities!

Find out why more and more are switching to South West Orthopedic Designs.

South West Orthopedic Design
Happy Holidays from your AFO Central Fab Resource.

South West Orthopedic Design
“Sundance” Lighter, slimmer, up to 7", Cost effective

South West Ortho Designs
What do our customers think?

Now you can have P-Cell lining in your AFO.

Tired of the "same old same old"? Lighter, stronger, slimmer braces at South West Orthopedic Designs.

Find a fast, reliable source for your AFO needs in 2008.

Why are practioners switching to South West Orthopedic Designs?

Lighter, stronger, slimmer, and now with carbon fiber in every brace.

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